Green Max Traffic Blend

Green Max Traffic Blend

Our Green Max Traffic blend is a low forage value perennial workhorse designed more for human traffic than deer forage. With varieties like bird's-foot trefoil, various clovers rye grass and vetch, this mix is designed to quickly produce a lush ground cover for people roads and trails along with the perfect planting to surround your favorite waterhole.

-Seed varieties: Various Clovers, Vetch, Trefoil, Ryegrass 

-Longevity: Perennial

-Sunlight needed: Partially shade tolerant, but will do best with full sun

-When to plant: Spring or Fall 

-Purpose: High human traffic ground cover

15 lb bag plants 1/2 acre or a road 10 feet wide by 2500ft (a 1/2 mile)

Seed will always ship on the day of your order or the next business day!


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