Western Switch Perma Cover

Western Switch Perma Cover

A base switchgrass blend built with the best variety for Western areas, along with complementary stiffening varieties to create a permanent cover and screening solution for several small and big game species.

Appropriate for several states including the western portions of: MN, and Iowa. Also, portions of: Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

-Seed varieties: A proprietary blend of a high % of the most appropriate base variety of switchgrass for your planting zone, combined with shorter, stiffening varieties to assist in strengthening your planting on a long term basis.

-Longevity: Perennial

-Sunlight needed: Full Sun

-When to plant: Spring

-Purpose: A region specific premium switchgrass blend with high germination rates, designed to last for decades if taken care of, while providing screening, escape and nesting cover for deer, rabbits, pheasants, quail, turkeys and other critters.

-How tall will this grow: 5' - 8'

4lb bag plants 1/2 acre
20lb bag plants 2.5 acres

Seed will always ship on the day of your order or the next business day!


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