Summer Soil Explosion Blend

Summer Soil Explosion Blend

This is not your average kitchen sink “do all but do nothing” summer soil builder.

Instead, this is a hard hitting simple but highly effective blend.

This explosive blend will improve your soil and limit weed growth, prior to tilling under before your late summer planting.

-Seed varieties: Light oats, Med Red Clover, Hairy Vetch and Buckwheat

-Longevity: Annual

-Sunlight needed: Full Sun

-When to plant: Spring

-Purpose: No nonsense high volume, moderate deer attraction blend designed to grow fast, be tilled under in 8 to 12 weeks and then build the soil thru incorporating fine organic matter into the topsoil.

24lb bag plants 1/2 of acre

Seed will always ship on the day of your order or the next business day!


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